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Why Replace & Improve? Here are the top reasons...

• Safety with several Bifold fatalities in the last 24 months

• The main Bifold manufactures have liquidated and disappeared from the UK!

• Increase clear opening sizes, regain side and header space

• The Door is fixed in its own frame so extra steel is seldom needed

• Reduce annual service/ownership costs

• We have 90% less moving parts than a Bifold door

• Create better look for value or pleasure

• Renovation of T hangars for sale or rental income

• Increase primary hangar security for insurance or aircraft owner/tenant

• Disabled requirement/code and Hydroswing® is the only CE Approved hydraulic door system

• Reduction in heating or cooling costs

• The Door can be clad in almost anything including insulation, brick or glass

• Increase overall value of hangar for rental or resale

Large Bifold door Replacement:

Due to no supporting frame the bifold was pulling the building apart!

hydroswing bifold before and after outside

Small Bifold door Replacement:

Bifold was sagging and never sealed properly, replacement was necessary

hydroswing bifold before and after outside front of hangar

Sliding door Replacement:

Hard to open, heavy and extra space needed to the clear opening! Hydroswing to the rescue!

hydroswing replaces bottom rolling slider before and after

Fabric door Replacement:

Poor Security that needed to be upgraded and extra value to the hangar rental!
(a stunning 63 by 18 ft glass door)

hydroswing replaces fabric roll up door before and after

Concertina door Replacement:

Antiquated and difficult to operate with no real sealing meant this had to go!

hydroswing replaces concertina before and after outside

Parts Store

hydroswing hydraulic door parts store


T + 44 (0) 1772 563112
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