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Replacing old or inefficient hangar doors with The Hydroswing®

Select which type you would like to replace and see the gains from replacing old, dangerous and worn out hangar doors with the Hydroswing® Hydraulic Door.
Each of these door types have been replaced by a Hydroswing® retrofit.

Why Replace & Improve? Here are the top 10 reasons...

Safety... several Bifold fatalities in the last 18 months

Hangar has outlived the door system

Increase clear opening sizes, regain side and header space

Better door system now available with less moving parts up to 150' x 40'

Reduction in heating or cooling costs

Increase overall value of hangar for rental or resale

Reduce annual service/ownership costs costs

Create better look for value or pleasure

Renovation of T hangars for sale or rental income

Increase primary hangar security for insurance or aircraft owner/tenant

Disabled requirement/code

Why replace a strap or cable Bi-fold with The Hydroswing®?

hydroswing hydraulic door bi fold door comparison

To Lose

Lose the cables

Lose the straps

Lose the chain drive

Lose the two uncontrolled "slabs"

Lose the need for a locking "gadget"

To Gain

Gain significant headroom

Gain full width if desired

Gain pre hung door integrity

Gain sealability

Gain 1,000 psi of lockdown power

To Reduce

Reduce service costs

Reduce danger in the hangar

Reduce heating/cooling costs

Reduce dust and FOD ingress

Reduce bird ingress/damage

Parts Store

hydroswing hydraulic door parts store


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