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Why Replace Fabric Doors with a Hydroswing®?

Here are the top reasons customers replace their fabric doors

• No Primary Security

• All the door weigh is on header

• Servicing costly

• Gets dirty and unsightly quickly

• Expensive to buy

• Fabric can crease and tear at certain points

• With the Para Port Doors unsightly concrete counter balances and end motors, pulleys and wires are a unsightly and a constant danger to hangar safety

• Rubber "roll" chocks required

• Very inefficient and do not insulate well

• Cables snap and Concrete counter balance weights are dangerous when free falling

Problem > fabric door needs replacing

un secure fabric door being taken out to be replaced by safe and secure hydroswing hydraulic door
unsightly fabric door in open position to be replaced by hydroswing
ocala hangar fabric roll up door removed to be replaced by hydroswing
problems with fabric roll up doors

Solution > Hydroswing®

  • To Gain
  • • Gain hangar security
  • • Gain walk doors and windows
  • • Gain Premiere hung door integrity
  • • Gain seal-ability
  • • Gain 1,000 psi of lock down power
  • To Reduce
  • • Reduce service costs
  • • Reduce danger in the hangar
  • • Reduce heating/cooling costs
  • • Reduce dust, water, animal and insect ingress
  • • Reduce bird ingress/damage
fabric roll up door before and after being replaced by hydroswing


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