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Why Replace Concertina Doors with a Hydroswing®?

Here are the top reasons customers replace their concertina doors

• Many Moving Parts

• Hard to seal

• Usually rust away

• Powered units are always throwing chains

• Main provider of these has ceased to service the type

• Cold and can promote condensation

• Very high maintenance

• Rubber "roll" chocks required

• Very inefficient and do not insulate well

• Short service life with TBF reducing and ultimate replacement necessary within a short period of time

Problem > concertina door needs replacing

rusted and decrepid concertina door replaced by hydroswing hydraulic door
rusted cables chains motor concertina door replaced by hydroswing
concertina door before being replaced by hydroswing hydraulic door

Solution > Hydroswing®

  • To Gain
  • • Gain significant headroom
  • • Gain full width if desired
  • • Gain Premiere hung door integrity
  • • Gain seal-ability
  • • Gain 1,000 psi of lock down power
  • To Reduce
  • • Reduce service costs
  • • Reduce danger in the hangar
  • • Reduce heating/cooling costs
  • • Reduce dust, water, animal and insect ingress
  • • Reduce bird ingress/damage
hydroswing concertina door replacement


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