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architectural hydraulic doors

Hydraulic Moving Walls – Effortless Changing Structures

Until now, a wall was a wall…Enter the vast possibilities of hydraulics. Now solid walls up to 150’ (45m) wide and 40’ (12m) tall can be converted into useful and beautiful moving walls or doors. With almost 100% seal-ability, this conversion will forever change the face of architecture around the world. Hydroswing® brings endless possibilities to homes and buildings of all shapes, sizes and usages.

Hydroswing® changes the landscape of design by allowing walls to become doors and doors to become walls. The Hydroswing® single panel hydraulic wall system has become a blank canvas for the adventurous architects who specialize in high profile homes and other special applications. Folding doors take up space, but the Hydroswing® opens up the entire room creating a built-in rooftop for outdoor living.

The complete flexibility of space lets the Hydroswing® overhead wall/door system make indoor/outdoor living a simple and affordable reality. It can be custom built for size, camouflage and integration. The system can be created in glass, decorative panels, or any other design feature that will make the building unique. Never has anyone been able to lift so much glass with the touch of a button. Homes, restaurants, and stadiums can now feature walls that simply open to the outside world. Hydroswing® is a brand new workspace for imaginative and leading edge architects around the globe.

Our wall can be easily installed to match building profiles, and heavy and ornate finishes are lifted with ease. The simplicity of the hydraulic wall removes the need for cables and counter weights used in so many ambitious architectural projects and curved facades. Never before have architects and designers had the ability to effortlessly and silently move structure.

The architectural door/wall possibilities are endless... as is Hydroswing’s® desire to make your concept a reality like never before.

Technical and Features
“A work of art compared to other doors! The installation of our 42ft (12,801.6mm) by 14ft (4,267.2mm) was very straight forward. Hydroswing® delivers quite a bang for your buck when comparing quality with other door manufacturers. There is simply no other choice when all things are considered.”

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