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Anatomy of the Hydroswing® Hydraulic Door

1. Hy-Power
Enclosed power unit or unenclosed standard unit.
2. Premium Hose Sets
Linking header lines to cylinders and power pack to header lines, completely bound and shrouded for double line in a single hose. C/W connectors pre-fitted.
3. Premium Steel Hardlines
For years of maintenance free and leak free performance.
4. Hard Line Connectors
Pre assembled for center, end, and in-line connection.
5. Steel Pre-hung Frame
And attachment angle steel.
6. Fully Engineered
And tested upper pinpoint, safety factor greater than a factor of 3. Complete with BS steel pins and sintered insert bearing for extended life and reduced service requirements.
7. BS Steel
Fixed tube frame and attach angle for inside, outside or flush mount to wood, steel or brick structures and buildings.
8. Fixed Frame
Base plate and floor attach should this be a requirement.
9. Inside Skin Prep
For attachment of insulation or inside skin/cladding.
10. Upright Members
Spaced according to your wind loading requirements (90 MPH Standard). Up to 200 MPH upon request.
11. Two Way Hydraulic Cylinder
Bespoke for your door size and loadings, double sealed for reliability and periods closed to avoid dehydration and deterioration.
12. Lower Pinpoint Clevis
Pin and bearing assembly. Industry leading sintered iron insert bearing for extended life beyond 5 years with zero metal to metal contact, no grease required.
13. Easy Connect Splice Plates
Weld free complete with lok-tite bolts for a lifetime of secure connection.
14. Hydroswing® Patented Truss System
Industry leading for strength with sizes up to 45.72m wide possible in single panel.
15. Cross Members
For unlimited finish attachment and window openings upon request provided. Walk door opening inclusive, simply specify left, center or right.
16. Carbon Guard Primer
Paint system, light gray as standard applied to ISO 9001 standards with inspection certificate.

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