Hydroswing... The Industrial Process Problem Solver

hydroswing industrial door

hydroswing industrial door

hydroswing industrial door

Hydroswing®... The Industrial Process Problem Solver!

What you need when you make Big Stuff!... Big stuff into the building... Even Bigger out... without taking the doors off, either way, you win with Hydroswing®


When the needs of an oil platform manufacturer exceed the size of the doors available for their industrial process... who did they call... Hydroswing®... The worlds largest producer of single panel hydraulic doors... HEEREMA, world renowned for fabrication of large and complex structures for the offshore oil, gas & energy related sectors, www.heerema.com needed a solution... big stuff in... big stuff out, so they contacted Hydroswing® in the United Kingdom, for the solution for their latest addition to their Hartlepool facility in the north of England and purchased a 115’(35m) x 20’(6m) Hydroswing®.


Hydroswing® has provided Airbus in the United Kingdom with a solution for the A380 wing section paint booth. Now Hydroswing® has produced the largest single panel hydraulic door in Europe for the fabrication of oil platforms.


Existing door systems continue to restrict a buildings industrial efficiency. The Hydroswing® provides industrial buildings with the ability to overcome those time and space issues. The modern industrial process requires boundaries to be broken and exceeded so as to allow competitive performance in fabrication and delivery. Using a Hydroswing® as a moving wall allows enhanced building efficiency (EBE) in the manufacturing process and releases users and early adopters to drastically reduce their time and space costs.


Hydroswing® is breaking down the traditional thinking about the way buildings should interact between the outside and inside.With massive opening capacity, pre hung for ease of install and almost 100% seal-ability, we can expand the envelope of manufacturing buildings and our efficiency creates a very short time to return on investment (ROI).


"We are proud as a company to be breaking new ground for industry and exceeding our traditional sectors of aviation and agriculture" states Marshal Parker, creator and owner of the Hydroswing® single panel hydraulic door brand, "it’s an incredible thing to have everyone from 20’(6m) wide to 150’(45m) wide covered, liberating traditional buildings to greater efficiency." We appreciate the opportunity Heerema presented and look forward to working on many interesting projects worldwide in the industrial sector.


If you have an industrial challenge, or your process needs solving, contact Hydroswing®, we have you covered!