Hydroswing’s Big Doors – Manufacturing Masterpieces

Until Hydroswing, it was hardly conceivable to think of a hydraulic door larger than 100’ (30m), but times they are a changing!  Hydroswing is ramping up the pace and manufacturing and selling big door after big door… up to 150’ (45m) wide and 40’ (12m) tall! Hydroswing® has broken the size barrier and is charging into the large commercial door and industrial door market. 

These gigantic manufacturing masterpieces are creating a revolution in terms of construction possibilities. Total simplicity, sheer strength, ease of use and reduction in moving parts, plus the use of specialty cladding (which makes the door match the thermal characteristics of the building) are among the top reasons customers are looking to Hydroswing® for their big door needs. The sophistication of large single panel hydraulic doors is now part of everyday door use across every sector. In addition to new doors on new buildings, we are also retrofitting gigantic openings and moving walls. With Hydroswing®, very large walls can be converted into useful and cost effective hydraulic doors. With almost 100% seal-ability, this conversion will forever change the face of commercial and industrial structures around the world.


 Before the option of Hydroswing’s large and extra-large singe panel hydraulic doors, openings were restricted. Structures with massive needs had to rely on steel rolling doors or sectional applications. The option of a single panel hydraulic door changed everything. The huge opening capacity, teamed with expanded vertical clearance and an almost air-tight seal, the door essentially becomes another wall. In turn, the enhanced building efficiency reduces both costs across the board.  

Hydroswing® is synonymous with quality. From the beginning, our standards have been the highest in the industry.  All Hydroswing® doors are fabricated in ISO 9001 facilities that adhere to the American Welding Society (AWS) D1.1 code requirements for welding of structural steel. Unlike other manufacturers, we understand the importance of working within specific codes and with vendors who boast an ISO certification.


Hydroswing® is overcoming space and size hurdles in the commercial and industrial sectors at a rapid pace. New projects in the works include a “door within a door” allowing for a smaller single panel installation within the confines of a 150’ (45m) main door allowing a wide array of multi-use possibilities. Hydroswing® is single handedly changing the way people use doors in commercial and industrial settings. Our ability to design and create solutions for large industrial doors and large commercial doors will leave a lasting impact on productivity, efficiency and cost effectiveness for any buyer.





Hydroswing... The Industrial Process Problem Solver

hydroswing industrial door

hydroswing industrial door

hydroswing industrial door

Hydroswing®... The Industrial Process Problem Solver!

What you need when you make Big Stuff!... Big stuff into the building... Even Bigger out... without taking the doors off, either way, you win with Hydroswing®


When the needs of an oil platform manufacturer exceed the size of the doors available for their industrial process... who did they call... Hydroswing®... The worlds largest producer of single panel hydraulic doors... HEEREMA, world renowned for fabrication of large and complex structures for the offshore oil, gas & energy related sectors, www.heerema.com needed a solution... big stuff in... big stuff out, so they contacted Hydroswing® in the United Kingdom, for the solution for their latest addition to their Hartlepool facility in the north of England and purchased a 115’(35m) x 20’(6m) Hydroswing®.


Hydroswing® has provided Airbus in the United Kingdom with a solution for the A380 wing section paint booth. Now Hydroswing® has produced the largest single panel hydraulic door in Europe for the fabrication of oil platforms.


Existing door systems continue to restrict a buildings industrial efficiency. The Hydroswing® provides industrial buildings with the ability to overcome those time and space issues. The modern industrial process requires boundaries to be broken and exceeded so as to allow competitive performance in fabrication and delivery. Using a Hydroswing® as a moving wall allows enhanced building efficiency (EBE) in the manufacturing process and releases users and early adopters to drastically reduce their time and space costs.


Hydroswing® is breaking down the traditional thinking about the way buildings should interact between the outside and inside.With massive opening capacity, pre hung for ease of install and almost 100% seal-ability, we can expand the envelope of manufacturing buildings and our efficiency creates a very short time to return on investment (ROI).


"We are proud as a company to be breaking new ground for industry and exceeding our traditional sectors of aviation and agriculture" states Marshal Parker, creator and owner of the Hydroswing® single panel hydraulic door brand, "it’s an incredible thing to have everyone from 20’(6m) wide to 150’(45m) wide covered, liberating traditional buildings to greater efficiency." We appreciate the opportunity Heerema presented and look forward to working on many interesting projects worldwide in the industrial sector.


If you have an industrial challenge, or your process needs solving, contact Hydroswing®, we have you covered!