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Bio Mass, Waste & Recycling

The Hydroswing® hydraulic door system is being specified and installed in this demanding sector,Bio Mass and renewables are seeing unprecedented growth and they demand, strong, secure and reliable door systems for high moisture and chemically laden atmosphere working environments.

With the safety of personnel and also the securing of dangerous working environments, the use of the hard working and durable single panel hydraulic door system, with its minimal moving parts, ease of repair and well known hydraulic strength and durability, is appealing to these highly demanding work areas.

There are hundreds of processes in this sector which rely on the safe working and handling of material using hydraulic systems, the door is now no different.

With the ability to retro fit to existing buildings or apply to new build, the Hydroswing® adds size, ease of use and value to the processes in the biomass and renewables sector and can easily withstand the rigors of waste and recycling.

The Hydroswing® is pre hung in its own frame and can deliver zero load and reaction to the building is required to be fitted to a tensile or none structural building (see new sector coming soon on stand alone Hydroswing®)

Whether high cycling rates or long periods for storage and holding buildings, the Hydroswing® will not let you down when you most need the door system on your process buildings to operate.

If your in the waste and recycling, renewables or Biomass wood and arboreal products, the Hydroswing® hydraulic door provides a greater array of working and process efficiencies than traditional sectional, overhead or roller doors with industry leading ROI.

Technical and Features
“Absolutely fantastic. Over the last ten months I’ve purchased and installed four Hydroswing farm doors, all on agricultural buildings. I’m delighted with the doors and the service of Hydroswing”

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