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about hydroswing hydraulic doors

Hydroswing® Doors are the original and world’s foremost single panel hydraulic door systems.

Hydroswing® has roots in manufacturing agriculture doors in parts of the world where strength, reliability and weatherproofing are key factors. Our overhead single panel hydraulic door became a mainstay throughout the farming industry in North America. The demand for our doors skyrocketed and we have been growing globally at a rapid rate. Today we are in full gear in aviation, agriculture, architecture, commercial and industrial sectors.

Over the years, we have invested heavily in quality control systems, engineering and design software allowing us to expand the size and capabilities of our doors. We can provide door solutions in any size up to 45.72m (150 feet) wide and 12.192m (40 feet) tall. Hydroswing® boasts over 7,000 units sold worldwide.


The single panel hydraulic door market is beginning to mature. New developments to improve efficiency have lowered costs for large hydraulic doors. Hydroswing® outgrew its original location for manufacture in the United States. As fuel prices, steel prices and distance to emerging markets around the world opened up, the value from this location to the rest of the world could not be delivered effectively as volume increased. Since a major reorganization and redevelopment of the product in 2010, the fabrication model, design and marketing of the Hydroswing® door has resulted in effective worldwide delivery and cost efficiency.

All Hydroswing® doors are now fabricated in ISO 9001 approved facilities, with each location stringently audited for welding and quality assurance. The hydraulic components are sourced centrally in the United States or Europe for continuous quality and supply chain integrity.


• Aircraft hangar doors

• Agriculture doors

• Military facilities/frontline fighter/transport/maintenance facilities/HAZMAT bunkers

• Commercial and Industrial buildings

• Residential architecture

• Special solutions (tank covers, bio mass plants forest products and chip storage)

• Mining

• Gantry crane and crane way door systems

• Shipyards

(Our ISO CONTAINER DOOR, a fully “plug and play” hydraulically operated shipping container door adds the additional market sectors that are in need of more versatile space solutions using shipping containers, adding versatility to the containers’ use with fully opening side doors)


The Hydroswing® product now serves many sectors and sizes. A growing number of door problems are solved with this simple, efficient and strong product. The design team is now located in various countries, all with valuable input to the Hydroswing® brand. Building on 10+ years of design and engineering expertise from around the world, Hydroswing® continues to bring the hydraulic overhead door to the next generation.


Hydroswing® has continued to develop and define the product. The brand is better than ever and thriving in the marketplace. For your door needs and to locate your specific region, please contact us. The Hydroswing® single panel hydraulic door continues to evolve through design, sales, customer feedback and limitless applications.

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